Dissertation topics

A Collection of Best Dissertation Topics 2019

In the final year of studies, all undergraduate British students become saddled with a task of writing thesis or dissertation. It’s a complex and long project that could be both rewarding and excruciating. On the one hand, it allows writing about a topic you find interesting and shows off the skills you’ve gained during studies. On the other hand, it takes lots of time and efforts, which is why this period is usually known as the toughest in students’ life. Challenges arise early, back when one is choosing among dissertation topics.

Topic is the essence of your entire work because it largely determines how successful you’re going to be. If you dislike what you’re writing about, dissertation will reflect your lacking passion. It won’t be interesting to research the topic and the whole process will come across as absolutely tedious and tiresome. That’s why you have to decide smartly, picking something that at the very least won’t feel entirely boring. Subject complexity depends on where you study. Cambridge and St. Andrews might be more demanding, for example, but overall, most universities give you a chance to make your own selection.

Dissertation Topic List in Seven Broad Categories

The question of best topic sounds very frequently. Students might access different ways that could help in making a decision, such as consulting with a supervisor or using a generator that offers random topics. Then there are lists with useful suggestions. We’ve composed one specifically for you, so take a look — maybe you’ll find just what you’ve been looking for! They are divided into seven biggest and most common categories.

  • Psychology 

1)  Myth about negative influence that violent fiction has on people: reasons & origins    

2)  Differences in child abuse victims’ reactions to external stimuli

3)  Study in cheating: reasons along with relationship consequences

4)  Dealing with trauma through interacting with dark fiction   

5)  Fictional preferences as element determining one’s personality: logical fallacies

6)  Strict vs. abusive upbringing

7)  Power imbalance in relationships: where does it come from?

8)  Development stages: new angle

9)  Emerging therapies for addressing the death of a loved one

10)  Psychology of advertising

  • Education dissertation topics

11)  Purpose of modern education types

12)  Basic education: what does it include?

13)  Equality in UK classrooms: a myth or reality?

14)  Best age for starting one’s studies

15)  Bullying in schools and its effect on students’ progress

16)  Censorship practices in education

17)  Transformations in the extent of teacher’s authority

18)  Obligatory educational practices for inmates

19)  Effectiveness of private and public studies

20)  Sex education implementation 

  • Sociology ideas

21)  Modern sociological questions

22)  Emerging youth cultures

23)  Movement of purity culture youth known as ‘antis’: beliefs and fallacies

24)  Different families kinds

25)  Gender studies in modern classrooms

26)  Professional success sociology

27)  Social networks with their ever-growing impact on people

28)  Sport culture & bullying

29)   Sociological expectations from next generation

  • MBA dissertation topics

30)  HR innovative practices

31)  Emerging management strategies

32)  Techniques of achieving job satisfaction

33)  Business management trends

34)  Factors considered during investments

35)  Leaders under conditions of globalization

36)  New marketing strategies

  • Politics dissertation ideas

37)  New abortion policies in US and its implications for other countries

38)  Changes in political treatment of LGBT parents

39)  Modern stances that politicians have on healthcare availability

40)  Military policies of last years: what changed?

41)  Euthanasia in UK: possible developments

42)  Transgender-related political decisions

43)  UK politics milestones

44)  What policies should be implemented during war?

45)  Impact of social protests on policy making

  • Law dissertation ideas

46)  Inmates’ protection: what is needed to ensure it?

47)  Censorship on journalism: history & consequences

48)  Language usage in court dealings: should it be adapted for non-professionals?

49)  Age of consent basis justification  

50)  Childhood protection laws in UK

51)  Laws regulating music and film distribution: required changes

52)  Employment discrimination consequences

53)   Law-related adaptations that are based on time peculiarities

54)  Should fiction creators follow any official regulations?

  • Architecture dissertation topics

55)  Modern buildings design

56)  History of old and notable buildings: how were they created?

57)  Modern world renowned architects  

58)  Current trends in architecture

59)  Responsibilities that architects  should have

60)  Social impact on modern architecture

As you can see, there are many fresh dissertation ideas that you could use for your work. Select any of them that stirs your interest or continue looking. Sooner or later, you’re guaranteed to find the best topic.

Make Your Choice and Start Working on Your Dissertation

While writing such a large project will be definitely a difficult task, you should facilitate it to a significant degree by making the right choice of a topic. Personal interest increases dedication, so spend as much time on a search as you need. Now that you know how to choose a dissertation topic, everything is bound to be easier!